Massage Q & A

1. what is the big difference between Massage and Chinese Massage?

A: Chinese massage normally does not require oil to perform massage, requires more experience and techniques to perform massage, I will cover your body with a thin sheet to perform the massage. (Sweden) Massage requires oil applied to relax the body.

2. Which one is more suitable? Deep-tissue massage or Remedial massage?

A: They all works to take the tension away from your body. Deep tissue massage is on the whole body (eg. my whole body aches, then you need deep tissue massage for the whole body)

Remedial massage only performs on one area that needs to be treated. (eg. I can not lift my left arm lately, I need to get that improved)

3. How long do I need the massage? Is it the longer the better?

A: If you require the whole body massage. It depends on how big your body is and how much tension you got. Normally male requires longer time than female because the muscle density and how deep the tension hidden between the layers of muscles. However, it does not means 4 hours massage is necessarily better than 2 hours massage. It depends on which areas need to be massaged.

4. What is whole-body massage included every part from head to toe?

A: Not really. For example, 1-hour deep tissue massage normally can be a focus on either the upper body or lower body for detailed work, However, if you only require relaxation massage, then there is no specific focus on your body, General massage applied from your head to toe evenly without going deeper layer of your muscles.

5. Is there a "Chart" that can show how much should I book for massage?

A: There is no stander chart for you to apply to decide the massage. However, here are the thoughts that assist you with the decision. If your body is aching over a few days. Book 90 or 120 mins for the first time. Then your body will tell you after how long you need for the next session and how soon. 60 mins massage is normally for someone who has specific issues such as a stiff neck or shoulders.

6.How often should I have the massage.

A: Your body is like a machine that needs service every now and then. It really depends on what do you do every day and what is your body condition is. Normally labor workers and sports professionals better have a massage once every week or fortnightly. Office workers better have a massage every fortnightly or monthly. The better condition of your body has for the work/performance, you enjoy more with what do you do. it is a virtuous circle.

7. I trained a lot, does massage help to reduce the soreness?

A: Yes. Normally, it is called DOMS (Delayed-onset muscle soreness). My suggestion is to get a massage right after the training to reduce the DOMS and massage helps your body perform better training afterward.

8. I felt a little sore after the massage, is that normal?

A: Yes, that is normal. As we discussed before that massage is not magical to take the pain/soreness away from you instantly, It does need a bit of time for your body to absorb the treatment to your body. There will be a rear case that the soreness continued for more than one day, which needs to pay attention to, either it is a sign that shows your body is carrying too much work or there is something not right. You need to talk to your GP then. majority times that might be inflammatory involved.