Q & A

1. Why we need massage

With everyday busy work/study, your mind and body are in a tense zone. Massage will ease your body and mind to maintain your body in a balanced status. Keeps your work and living better. You performance better in every way after your body gets loosed up.

2. How often should I get the massage

This is the most popular question from customers, especially after the massage. You felt good after the massage and would like to book another one. Normally, a suggestion would be 3-4 weeks from now. However, it depends on your daily life's tensity. Some people felt stressed just after one week. Compared to the tensed body, it would make your life much easier if you maintain your body in a zen zone. In another word, get a good massage.

3. How long should I have for a massage session


a. if you never had a massage before. please try no more than one hour as your first massage. Your body will have a lot of tension to deal with and one hour is just right for you. Unless you are big size person, then 90 mins are your choice.

b. To those people who are regular, also, one hour is good to maintain the bodywork. same rules if you are big size person, 90 mins is your choice.

c. For some reason, you couldn't get a massage for a long time (over 3 months) and your body is tensed up. In this case, 90 to 120 mins massage is stronger recommended. The longer massage restores your body's energy and balance.

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